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Edo Shonin ~aka~ Edward Penney

Edward Andrew Penney – aka Kwai-Taro Huang, aka Taro Taro Huang, aka Sebastian Davis, aka Br. Edo,
aka Edo Yamato, aka Edo Yamato Shonin, aka Edo Shonin,
aka Venerable Edo Yamato Shonin, aka Jetsun Lama Br. Edo Yamato Shonin, aka
Dr. Edo Shonin, PhD.!

The Latest Incarnations:
The Bodhayati School of Buddhism
Nottingham, U.K.

Awake to Wisdom Centre for Meditation, Mindfulness and Psychological Wellbeing.

According to the website:

"In November 2010, 'Awake to Wisdom' entered into a collaboration agreement with Nottingham Trent University
as part of a Stimulating Innovation for Success (SIS) funded initiative"

European Psychiatric Association 19th European Congress of Psychiatry
Final Programme


Dr. Eva Sundin, Edo Shonin, William Van Gordon, & Lauren Horgan, (2011).
Mindfulness meditation, psychological wellbeing and resilience to stress: Development and pilot study of the newly designed meditation-based awareness training.
In: 19th European Congress of Psychiatry Conference, Vienna, Austria, 12th-15th March.

Exculpatory documents:

“An Internet Controversy?”
on the The Bodhayati School of Buddhism site is proffered here:

An archived 2,332-word version of the document as captured on May 27, 2011 is Here.

The above document bears similarity to documents
from the now defunct Pine Forest website:

"Regarding Harassment and Defamation" appeared in 2007.
A screen grab of the web page captured on May 30, 2007 may be viewed Here.

"Personal Statement" appeared in 2007.
A screen grab of the web page captured on June 1, 2007 may be viewed Here.

Nottingham Buddhist monks plan meditation cave

Click here for the complete story.

Evidently plans change

Clip from the bodhayati website
captured on 7 July 2011.

Screen grab of the bodhayati home page captured on 9 May 2011.

The Historical Incarnations:

Edward A. Penney
(Edo Shonin, aka - et al.)
and William Van Gordon


Pine Forest Sangha,

Tranquil Abiding,

Dharma House,

Awake to Wisdom,

The Bodhayati School of Buddhism


Pine Forest - Companies House

Dharma House - Companies House

Cae Rhys (Pine Forest) Deed


A mother's grief: 'The cult guru who turned my son into a zombie'

More about Edo Shonin

Edo Shonin's monkhood credentials Suspect

Edo Shonin and the Pine Forest sangha

Edo Shonin is no Shingon monk

The changing shades of 'Edo Shonin'

"Monk" with unconfirmed credential runs website rife with plagiarized material

An open letter to readers of the Buddhist Channel

Testimony of a former acquaintance with Edward Penney ('Edo Shonin')

Pine Forest's new abiding

Monks open door of Welsh retreat


E_SANGHA Pine Forest (FAQs) 1

E_SANGHA Pine Forest (FAQs) 2

E_SANGHA Pine Forest (FAQs) 3

Page 43 of the Pine Forest - Companies House documents reveals that "Edward Andrew Penney" registered a name change to "Edo Shonin" on March 31, 2006. He signed all prior official Pine Forest Corporate documents as "Edward A. Penney."

The Buddhist Channel: Bringing Buddha Dharma Home – http://www.buddhistchannel.tv/


Edward Penney and his "disciple" William Van Gordon

The costumery is curious, the robes and hats are available on eBay: here and here.  Chinese/Japanese Kesas (custom – any colour you like) can be ordered on eBay here.

It is interesting to note that the eBay store selling the first two items is called Third World TrAid
The Companies House Pine Forest corporate records reveal that a Director of Third World TrAid, served as a Director of Pine Forest Sangha for ninety some-odd days in 2007.

A "guided meditation" by Edward Penney
(aka – Jetsun Lama Br. Edo Yamato Shonin.)


"Edo Shonin" was born Edward Andrew Penney on June 27, 1957 in Glasgow Scotland.

He is the son of Mr. Edward and Mrs. Helen Penney. Mrs. Penney is still living in Scotland. Edward has two brothers and two sisters, all living. Direct communication with his family reveals that: none of his family were Buddhists – ever. He did not begin a monastic education at 5 years old.

Here is Edward Penney’s Extract of an entry in a Register of Births: (Birth Certificate)

One a multiplicity of Penney's conflicting autobiographical descriptions:

And here: – Tooting his own horn?

They're not quite the same as his current BIO on the Bodhayati School site:

"Ven. Edo Shonin, originally from Scotland, has been a Buddhist monk for approximately 25 years and has been ordained and received transmissions within both mainstream Hinayana and Mahayana Buddhist traditions. He is also an accomplished practitioner of the more esoteric Vajrayana teachings. His monastic training has involved an extensive study of Buddhist practice, ministry, philosophy and psychology. He has supervised the training of countless Buddhist practitioners and also maintains a practice of Buddhist based psychotherapy."

Following the massive exposure received by “Edo Shonin,” William Van Gordon and their “Pine Forest Sangha” in the Buddhist press and on the internet in 2007 questioning "Shonin's" claims of ordination; the name of the "Pine Forest" organization was changed to “Tranquil Abiding.” The following biographies were put forward containing the statement: "both of the Brothers received transmissions and further formal ordinations as Yogis under Master Draythep Chantawanno in Northern Thailand."

Here is the complete Tranquil Abiding "Monastics" page:

Here the public is informed that "Brother Edo" is from Hokkaido, Japan:

Click here to see the full size screen grab.
The article is on-line here: http://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storycode=2386481

Edward Penney's Unique "Ordination" Proclamation:

Rev. Gyosho Morishita
Comiso, Italy
Nipponzan Myohoji Temple in Osaka, Japan
as it appeared on Penney's Pine Forest brochure.

Edo Yamato Shonin aka
Edward Penney

The Daily Mail Article:

The Cult Guru Who Stole My Son


Rita Van Gordon tells the tragic story of the

loss of a dear son in an interview with

journalist Lynne Wallace FAIRnews Issue 2 2007.

Current news and an extensive archive and resource
for anyone wanting to know more about cults, their methods and advice.

Click Here:

A Threatened Libel Suit Brought by Penney and Van Gordon
is Settled Out of Court.

Note: The Daily Mail was apparently - through threat of civil litigation by Carter Ruck - forced to apologize for using the terms “cult” and “brainwashed zombie” but apparently not for using the phrase “a dangerous conman with a talent for deception” that also appeared in the article.

Carter Ruck's ham-fisted attempt to threaten US bloggers - Here:

Buddhist Monks to Sue Daily Mail, Threaten Blogger
Posted on August 4, 2008 by Richard Bartholomew

Precious Metal has been given seven days to comply with Carter-Ruck’s demands or face “an injunction, damages and legal costs”. However, the blog is based in the USA and the owner has declined to comply; a couple of American court decisions support his position. Wired noted one in 2003:

And in 2006 California brought us this:

Bartholomew's Notes on Religion: http://barthsnotes.wordpress.com

And finally – in 2010:

July 24, 2012

For complete posting click here:

October 22, 2012


For complete posting click here:

March 3, 2013

Edo Shonin & William Van Gordon




"This blog is written by Buddhist monks and research psychologists Ven. Edo Shonin and Ven. William Van Gordon and is about the practice and research of meditation. The posts cover psychological, philosophical, Buddhist, and non-Buddhist perspectives. The blog provides a mixture of reflections, information on how to practice meditation effectively, and an overview of current research findings and issues."

December 26, 2013

Edo Shonin & William Van Gordon


"Can Mindfulness Meditation Induce Psychotic Episodes?"

"Along with our friend and research colleague Professor Mark Griffiths, we recently published a paper in the Australia and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry that discussed whether mindfulness meditation has a role to play in the treatment of psychosis.  In addition to examining the treatment applications of mindfulness meditation for individuals with psychosis, our paper briefly explored the risk of mindfulness and other forms of meditation actually inducing psychotic episodes. Today’s post explores this subject in more detail and discusses the circumstances in which meditation practice may actually do more harm than good."

"As we mentioned in our post on the ‘Top Ten Mistakes Made by Meditation Practitioners’, there is some clinical evidence to suggest that over-intensive meditation practice can actually induce psychotic episodes – including in people who do not have a history of psychiatric illness."

October 4, 2014

Edo Shonin & William Van Gordon


“Accurately Predict Your Future using
a 10-Minute Buddhist Meditation Technique”

“Regular readers of our blog will know that we advocate a very down-to-earth approach to Buddhist practice and are not great supporters of any spiritual approach promising quick-win results or mystical experiences. It may therefore come as a surprise that in today's post we provide instructions on a 10-minute Buddhist meditation technique that, if correctly practiced, we guarantee will enable a person to predict certain events in their future with 100% accuracy."

January 21, 2016

Edward Penney is now known as "Dr. Edo Shonin, PhD."

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